Developer | Arrow Games

Engine | Unity

Role  | Producer/Designer

Developed | September 2019 - currently being worked on

Platform  | PC

Release | Currently being worked on

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What is the Game? 

Roykfern is a point-and-click adventure. You play as the character Roland, an inquisitive and anxious young Roykfern who by accident ends up on a journey to the furthest reaches of Roykfern to find the Lord Magistrate of Music and to unlock the secrets of his past, as well as saving his beloved homeland.

Team Role 

My role in this team was Prodcuer/Designer and the team curently also consists of 3 artists, 2 programmers, 1 sound designer and 1 narrative designer. My role within the team was to create schedules and plans to help the team reach certain milestones. I was also in charge of designing puzzle ideas. 

Puzzle Example

Each cube is assigned an audio file with the corresponding note on the cube. The player must place the cubes in the correct scale to open the door (F G A). Any other order the notes will play in the order the player has placed them but will spit the cubes back out. If the player tries to use the special cube it will play a note that’s not in the same scale and will sound out of place.


Samuel Lambie - Producer

Lefkos Savvides - Narrative Design 

Calum Robb - Creative Lead & Audio 

Evgeniya Seminenko - Environment Artist

Martin Ng - Character Artist 

Barnabas Fekete - Asset Artist 

Jonathan Duncanson - Programmer 

Michal Wiatrowski - Programmer 

Brooke Singer - French for Rabbits 

Roykfern Game Video