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About me


My name is Samuel Gary Lambie, I am 29 years old and I'm a graduate from Abertay University studying Game Design and Production. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours recieving a Second Class, Upper Division, with a 3 GPA. 


I have had a passion for games my whole life and my goals are to have a successful career in the industry where I can share my passion and work with a committed, motivated team to make the best games possible. 


Throughout my years of study as a game deisgner and producer I have gained valauble skills and expriences in a variety of departments, pirmarily game design and produciton. During my 2nd and 3rd year of Univeristy I was part of a development team working with other departments to create a game. Working as a producer for both teams gave me valuable experience, going through the whole game process from pre-prodocution to releasing a game. Particulary my 3rd year porfessional project team where we relased our game on itch.io and have been given positive feedback from peers and lecturers. Since I have left Univeristy Remember When has been released on Steam. 


Currently working for Codemasters as a QA Technician which has given me great industry experience in the QA side of game development. I have learned new skills ranging from localisation testing to Jira reporting.

If you would like to get in touch please see the Contact Me section. 

QA Technician at Codemasters 

Ukie Student Green Game Jam (2019) -  Games Producer and Designer 

3rd Year Professional Project - Games Prodcuer 

Unity | Unreal Engine | GameMaker | Microsoft Project | Microsoft Excel | Autodesk Maya | GitHub | JIRA 

Prodcution | Puzzle Design| Localisation Testing | Regression Testing | Bug Reporting | Performance Testing | Exploratory Testing | Functionality Testing