Developer | French Toast Mafia 

Client | Abertay University

Engine | Unreal Engine 4

Role | Prodcuer

Developed | January 2018 - May 2018

Platform | PC

What is the Game? 

Ruya is a 3D platformer/action-adventure game where you play as Artie who is trapped in his dream. The player must collect all the crystals in the level by solving puzzles like; simon says, working your way through the rubix cube maze, fighting off enemies and reaching the top of the mountain by jumping on moving platforms. 

Team Role 

My role in this team was Prodcuer and the team also consisted of two designers, three artists and one programmer. Within my role i created a project plan that would keep the team on track to complete certain goals on time. Also i created flowcharts to show the team how certain aspects of the game will flow.