Developer | Arrow Games

Client | YoYo Games 

Engine | GameMaker Studios 

Role  | Producer 

Developed | September 2018 - May 2019

Platform  | PC

Release | & Steam

Steam Store - Remember When

What is the Game? 

Remember When is an interactive narrative experience that follows a phone call of Noah and his wife Sarah, recalling pivotal memories in their relationship. The player will join in the journey as Noah and Sarah recall all their memories including their first date, the first time meeting her parents and finally their wedding. With dialogue chocies, the player can choose Noah's reply to increase replayability. The game is fully voiced acted to increase the players experience. Remember When is my professional project teams 3rd year project, the brief was given to us by our client YoYo Games. The project went through constant iteration, with regural conatct with our clients. When the game was released to fellow peers and on itch it gained positive feedback. As of 2021 the game has been released on Steam. 

My Role

My role in the team was Producer and the team also consisted of two deisgners, two artists, two programmers and one sound deisgner. Within my role I created a project plan that would help the team stay on course to complete the game on time. To help with prodcution I also helped out the porgrammers implement the voice acted dialogue focusing on memory 2 (meeting the parents). 


Samuel Lambie - Producer

Lefkos Savvides - Narrative Design 

Calum Robb - Audio 

Lee Kellie - Programmer 

Dan Cavanagh - Designer 

Aidan McAuley - Designer 

James Meek - Environment Artists 

Heather Helen - Character Artists