Developer | Samuel Lambie

Client | Abertay Univeristy 

Engine | Unreal Engine 4 

Role  | Producer/Designer  

Developed | September 2019 - Current

Platform  | PC

Release | Downloadable link -

What is the Game? 

Virtual Classroom is an education game  that covers the themes of memory and maths. The game consists of four areas, maze memory where the player must remember the correct route and escape the maze. Platform memory where the player must remember the correct platforms to jump on. Maths platform where the player will be given maths questions and must jump through the correct answers. Puzzle room where the player must escape the room by solving puzzles that are maths related. The game was my 4th year honours project where I looked at the benefits of using games in primary education and wanted to design a project that would be suitable to use in an educational way. I used the cirriculum for excellence to help me make sure the game is suitable for educational use. 

My Role

As this was an individual project I was the only member working on this poject. All art assets have been taken from the unreal engine store or are the default assets given in unreal (these are credited below). 


Voice Actor - Keiron Young

Puzzle Room Assets - Unreal Engine store Park JongMyung

Hub Area Assets - Unreal Engine store Arthur Dark & Gesta 2

Audio -